In 1729 Bernhart Bumiller builds the Rössle, only in 1865 it is then renamed “Post”.

On August 6, 1763, Bernhart Bumiller handed over the inn to his son Fidel due to old age. The genealogist Anton Bosch, teacher in Rangendingen writes: The brothers Anton and Fidel Bumiller drove after 1800 an extensive wine trade in the far periphery to Ulm. Both had married daughters of the Adlerwirt Casimir Riester. Their financial situation was good. They also owned a large farm. Later, Fidel acquired the Gasthaus Rössle and continued the wine trade, but not the inn. Anton ran an inn in the house next door (Killertalstraße 21).

On October 8, 1863, Fidel’s son Theodor inherited the Rössle and had to pay 2000 gulden for it. In 1864, his second son Dyonis became the official post office clerk and therefore the Rössle was renamed the post office. After his brother’s death, he takes over the inn, which passes to his son Eduard after his death on April 7, 1886.

Eduard, called “The Reich Chancellor from the Killertal” because he resembled the Reich Chancellor von Bülow in stature and appearance, is a modern-minded person, he installed gas light in the post office and set up a bathroom. The local poet Casimir Bumiller wrote about Eduard: ” … a likeable appearance, an aristocrat in the village, tall and broad-shouldered, strong and powerful. The floorboards creak under his steps as he serves his guests with quiet comfort, the inevitable cigar in the corner of his mouth.”

At the age of 63, on May 7, 1914, Eduard dies and his son Alfred takes over the inn. He is a post innkeeper, wine merchant, farmer, agent of the Hohenzollerische Landesbank and postal agent. He has to cope with two world wars and two currency changes, each with a new beginning.

His son Eduard takes over the post office after his death on November 16, 1958. He is granted quiet years, he loved the wine trade.
Suddenly and unexpectedly he dies on September 25, 1985. His three children have all studied and do not want to take over the business.

Monika and Dieter Prauser buy the post office and open the inn on January 1, 1994.

The current owners, Ida (daughter of Alfred Bumiller) and Helmut Diebold, buy back the post office on July 16, 1996, and begin remodeling in the fall of 2000.

In July 2003, the Seifert family, tenants of the hotel, opened the Post, which had been renovated with much love and great effort.

After 11 years the Seifert family gives up the hotel and from June 2014 the Langbein family takes over the Post.